J.P.’s Chip-N-Dip Salsa!

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Our Story

J.P. Chip-n-Dip Salsa is an all-natural product formulated with health and wellness in mind. Apart from being a traditional tomato-based salsa, J.P.’s Chip-n-Dip Salsa was created to produce a healthy all-natural salsa that includes a balance of Good Health with a Great Taste…

The recipe included an Herbalist and Honey maker who added their expertise to the “All So Good Taste of J.P.’s Chip-n-Dip Salsa made with Blueberries, Peaches, and Honey w/Habanera”!!!

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Why This Mix?

In addition to its great taste, J.P. Chip-n-Dip Salsa provides anti-oxidants that promote good heart health (Blueberries), potassium and fiber to promote good heart, rhythm, and digestion (Peaches), and vitamin-rich natural sweetening (Honey), with Spices.

“A wonderful blend of sweet and heat that your taste buds will crave.”

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What Makes J.P.’s Salsa So Different?

How Is The Taste So Amazing?

Our unique Salsa is chocked full of ripe “anti-oxidant blueberries”, fresh “fiber-rich peaches and apples,” a secret blend of spices, and just a “touch of honey.” Not to overlook those vine ripe tomatoes, full of “lycopene.” If you have just one taste we’re sure you’ll agree that this salsa packs a “full-flavored punch” like no other, hands down!

Another fact to consider that makes our Salsa stand out is, again it’s all-natural with no weird aftertaste, and it’s so chunky, you can eat it with a fork! Heck, we always say that chips are optional.

All-natural ingredients, fresh taste, and good for you… come and sample the future of salsa! All of our Salsa has less than 10 calories per serving and 160 calories per 16oz jar! Amazing, right? Taste it for yourself, you’ll be glad you did.