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Great-Tasting All Natural Salsa That Will Have Your Tastebuds Screaming for More!


Our Founder & CEO

Purpose-driven entrepreneur

• 20-year history in sales,
marketing, management
• Family legacy of business
• Motivated by faith and
community service
• Dedicated to creating jobs
for individuals needing work,
including minority youth
• 2017 Honoree, OhioMBE Awards
for Minority-owned Businesses

J.P.’s Salsa Recipe for Success

J.P.’s Salsa is a purpose-driven company, dedicated to providing healthy food choices and operating for the benefit of people and communities.

Quality products made by well-trained people who believe in what they are doing. And it works! J.P.’s Salsa is growing like tomatoes in summertime!

Our value is in our bottle. We deliver healthy food choices to our customers. We train and manage our people to follow safe food practices. Being of service to our community matters and shows in all that we do.

Now well-established in the school lunch market as a supplier of healthy, organic salsa and chips for students, J.P.’s Salsa is focused on growth. Institutional food products are a highly lucrative market into which J.P.’s Salsa can greatly expand by developing subcontracts with national purveyors to public schools and to related food service markets such as hospitals, universities, and senior centers. In addition to daily service, each of these markets can use J.P’s Salsa products for fundraising campaigns.

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